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Freedom and sensitivity are a feature of birds.
Because they capture the changes of the times and seasons and with their flight they surpass and continue the horizon.

With the same qualities in our team, we open windows of rest and retreat. We design the best conditions for physical and mental exercise as well as entertainment.

Equipped with Yoga and meditation, we travel authentically, bringing about true renewal and transformation.
Yoga retreat ,wellness Grecece, Messinia, ,Peloponnese, Finikounda, Finikouda summer, nature Yoga. sunrise, road trip Greece
Yoga retreat ,wellness Grecece, Messinia, ,Peloponnese, summer, nature Yoga, Methoni castle, road trip Greece


Hatha & Raja Yoga

One of the six classical Vedic systems of India, Raja Yoga or Royal Yoga or Supreme Yoga, founded by Patanjali (400-200 BC), is one of the four main ways of traditional Yoga. It consists of eight parts (eightfold path) with the goal of release oneself from bondage (universal illusion) and bring unity with the reality as it is.
The eight parts in summary:

1. Yama (Abstentions - Restrictions)
2.Niyama (Rules - Positive Properties)
3. Asana (Physical exercises)
4. Pranayama (Bioenergy Control)
5. Pratyahara (Withdrawal of the Senses)
6. Dharana (Concentration process)
7. Dhyana (Intention)
8. Samanti (Hyperconscious state)
Yoga practice , wellness Greece,Yoga Athens, Tritsis park, nature Yoga
Yoga retreat ,wellness Grecece, Messinia, ,Peloponnese, Finikounda, Finikouda summer, nature Yoga, road trip Greece
The above eight paths incorporate practices and therapies, making Raja Yoga a holistic, multifaceted system for health, emotional release and spiritual development:

• Asanas and energy anatomy
• Asanas aimed at cleansing the trainee
• Deep relaxation techniques
• Advanced breathing techniques
• and Bandas
• Physical body cleansing techniques
• Mantras
• Ayurveda Practices
• Magic passes


Although experiences take place within us,
born in the view of imposing mountains and icy peaks, with the aroma of rain and flowers.
to the sound of the breath and the lively rivers.

It is a contemplation of the endless blue
and in the light of the islands and the Mediterranean Sea.

Walking beside quiet lakes the densely planted land.
A journey into the world of the senses and beyond…
Yoga retreat , Trail Lykaio mountain wellness Grecece, , Arcadia, Ancient temple of Zeus, Peloponnese,, nature Yoga, road trip Greece


Online Yoga, Yoga sessions, private yoga lessons,

George Panagiotopoulos, Med

Yoga instructor, Founder of Birds Yoga Experiences

George was born in Arcadia and studied Philosophy in Athens, Greek Philology in the Department of Linguistics. He has master’s degree in education with research related to Mindfulness in the educational environment while at the same time he has attended seminars such as school psychology and intercultural education. In this educational course he met Yoga in 2012 and this world caught up with him. He studied at the Yoga & Budo school with Andreas Proveleggios and Chryssa Babalis and at the Yoga House school with Christos Harikiopoulos, from where he obtained a 500h Hatha & Raja Yoga diploma. This was followed by training such as: Yoga and orthopedic diseases, third age and the treatment of meridians. Since then and until today, he teaches from the heart and shares with practitioners, valuable Yoga tools that can deeply change our world. In 2021 he founded the service Birds Yoga Experiences, a group that travels us to the Greek land and the Mediterranean Sea, on mythical paths through Yoga & meditation

Anastasia Zotali

Anastasia Zotali is a licensed dietitian - nutritionist. She is a graduate of the Department of Nutrition & Dietetics of A.TE.I. Thessaly. Since 2016, he has mainly been dealing with plant based and vegan nutrition. She has attended many trainings on vegetarian diets, nutrition psychology and botany. Advocate of natural nutrition and cultivation, with a weakness for traditional recipes and the foods of our country. She loves Yoga, excursions near rivers and folklore, especially of Arcadia where her roots are from. At Birds Yoga Experiences she will share her knowledge of a complete, nutritious and harmonious diet with our body, she will cook us delicious and colorful dishes while showing us the wealth of wild herbs on the paths we will follow.

Angelos Kyriazis

Angelos Kyriazis is an audio and video professional with an emphasis on rural photography and video. He hikes, discovers, and captures unique moments and manifestations of nature with a special love for the wild fauna and rare flora of Greece. He is a certified drone operator and with a fluency of tools he accompanies the company of birds on escapes and retreats offering artistic material as a memory of our most beautiful moments.

Margarita Christodoulou – Founta

Margarita Christodoulou – Founta has a degree in Product and Systems Design Engineering from the University of the Aegean and holds a Specializing Master in Lighting Design from Politecnico di Milano. With her interest in art and design, she finds an active role in the team, overseeing the design, organization and production of our services. With a passion for travel and a love for Yoga and wellness, she envisions authentic experiences and escapes!
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