Phoenix (from "PHINOS" = purple, deep red) is a mythological bird that is reborn from its ashes

Το retreat

Phoenix, with references to Herodotus and Ancient Greece, was a powerful symbol for some of the most important civilizations of the past. Connected with the energy of the Sun but also the element of fire, it burns and regenerates completely in three days.

In this escape like the Phoenix, we will assimilate strength and we will be reborn from the difficulties of our time. A unique opportunity for exercise and meditation, but also for carefree and relaxation in a summer setting with sun and sea.

During these holidays we will have the opportunity for rest and renewal. Yoga will support you in this direction throughout the day with exercise and meditation, while at the same time we will tour the surrounding islands, enjoying the exotic waters in conditions of relaxation.



Finikounda, a small fishing village today, has a long history that follows in the footsteps of Messinia over the centuries, as it was part of the Kingdom of Nestor of ancient Pylos. According to some scholars, it was founded by the Phoenicians who settled on these shores of the Peloponnese and was an important commercial and cultural hub. Built at the base of a triangle facing south that forms the cape of Akrita, it overlooks the beautiful islands of Oinousses. The complex of these islands, such as the cape and the wider area of ​​Finikounda, is part of the NATURA 2000 network with rare species of flora and fauna. The seas of the region with their exotic beauty, have a blue flag, while in the complex of islands is the deepest point of the Mediterranean, also known as the Well of Oinousses.



Considering the different needs and preferences, it is possible to stay either in Thorisma accommodation in self-contained houses, or in Camping Finikes.



1st day

09.00-11.00: Yoga
11.00-12.00: breakfast
12.00-18.00: boat tour in the islands of Oinousses,
outdoor lunch and all-day relaxation
18.00-20.00: Yoga & Meditation on the beach

2nd day

09.00-11.00: Yoga
11.00-12.00: breakfast
12.00-18.00: boat tour of the hidden and deserted beaches of the area, short hiking, outdoor lunch, and all-day relaxation
18.00-20.00: Yoga & Meditation on the beach

3rd day

09.00-11.00: Yoga
11.00-12.00: breakfast
12.00-18.00: departure and tour of the Castle of Methoni, Romano, the island of Sfaktiria and finally visit the beach of Voidokilia
18.00: completion of vacation and return


- The stay 3 nights / 4 days in the houses of the accommodation Throisma or in the camping Finikes

- Vegetarian breakfast and lunch

- Boat tours to the islands and the secluded beaches

- Guided tour of Methoni, Pylos and Romanos

- 5 Hatha & Raja Yoga sessions and meditation practice

- Souvenir photographic material from our experience

- Yoga equipment

- Camping equipment on request



Hiking shoes, backpack, water bucket, hat, beach items, umbrella, mats.
For Campers complete equipment such as tent, sleeping bags, mats, etc.

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