24 - 27/2 Mountain Menalon
Arcadia Peloponnese


Following the footsteps of inspiration, we make a stop at the work of the well-known creator Guillermo del Toro where the Pan symbolizes natural things and the Labyrinth the search for truth. Then we find ourselves in the years of the Renaissance in Europe, when the Arcadian ideal is also being developed, and it is the raw material of a literary trend with an emphasis on simplicity and the measure that "does not allow the human to exceed the natural". From this time, we are transported to Arcadia or Pania and in myth, to a world with wild vegetation, rushing rivers and dense mountains, the birthplace and field of action of the God Pan. God's presence embodies manifested life and symbolizes a world of power and harmony. However, his dual nature, with an animal nature at the bottom and a more human nature at the top, testifies through a passage through dark "labyrinths" to a path of self-knowledge and transcendence of basic instincts.

With our camp based on the mountain of Mainalo , in this escape we will have the opportunity to discover what made this country mythical and mystical. We will navigate through the dense fir trees between the paths that connect beautiful villages, exercise in the forest and in the rivers with practices oriented to strength and self-awareness.


It is only poetically appropriate to look at Arcadia. In the consciousness of the ancient world, it was recorded as the Pre-Moon, with people inhabiting it since the moon was not yet in the sky and building the first city to see the sunlight.

It became a current during the Renaissance in European literature and the arts, symbolizing a field of simplicity and bliss. Meadows and pastures, gorges and ravines, rivers and waterfalls compose a evocative nature. With references and findings from prehistory and the ancient world, Arcadia walks mythically into the timeless.

She mysteriously weaves her relationship with all people, and they mysteriously respond, "ET IN ARCADIA EGO".


In this Retreat we will camp in a field of Mainalos among the fir trees, while we will have the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful villages in the area such as Stemnitsa, Alonistena, Dimitsana, Vytina and Karytaina. Villages with countless nutritional treasures, wild mushrooms and herbs. With these raw materials we will cook on the fire and have the opportunity for relaxation that only the forest can offer.


20.00 Departure from the center of Athens
10.30 Arrival at the camp
Hot tea, adjustment & relaxation

08.00 Yoga & Meditation practice
10.00 Breakfast
11.00 Walk in the fir forest Arkoudorema-Limbovisi
14.00 Preparation of lunch
17.00 Meditation practice and walk in Stemnitsa
21.00 Return to the camp and light lunch

08.00 Yoga & Meditation practice
10.00 Breakfast
11.00 Alonistaina-Vytina hike
15.00 Preparation of lunch
18.00 Meditation practice and walk in the forest and the river
21.00 Relaxation and light lunch

Monday 2
08.00 Yoga & Meditation practice
10.00 Breakfast
11.00 Dimitsana hiking - Lousios river gorge
15.00 Lunch at Karytaina Village
20.30 Return to Athens and completion of the escape


• Transportation from and to Athens by van
• Tours to the villages of Stemnitsa, Limbovisi, Alonistaina, Vytina, Dimitsana & Karytaina
• Accommodation at the camp 4 days / 3 nights
• Diet – vegetarian meals
• Walks and hikes on the paths
• Yoga & Meditation classes
• Complete Yoga & Camping equipment (except sleeping bag)


€350 / person

€100 deposit is required for booking.


Useful equipment

Hiking shoes, backpack, water bottle, raincoat, umbrella, sleeping bag and warm clothes.

The Camp is designed to accommodate the sleeping and lessons of all participants in a large Indian-style heated tent. In case you choose to isolate yourself for the night's sleep, you will need to bring your own tent                                

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